Chapter 2

By: Claire.Totty1

Herman went home at precisely 5pm each day, he had to, was compelled too. All except for that one time, when Clark, had walked over to his desk at 4.56pm. Herman had recorded the incident in his journal, as he was on to them. He knew exactly what they were doing and he was going to make sure that he recorded everything, right down to the last detail. Delores always left at 4.58, leaving Herman just two minutes to follow her without making it too obvious. It took her 43 seconds to walk to the elevator from her desk. By 5pm the elevator would be midway between floors five and four, and Herman would be running down the stairs. That way Delores would be just passing the bakery when he left the building and he could follow her at a more comfortable pace. Herman was sweating profusely yet he felt as if he was sitting on ice, and all he could focus on was that cup.
Why had she done this, was it all part of their overall plan?

Herman was angry and was struggling to contain his rage, he was going to make them pay, one by one and he had it all planned out. Then Clark interrupted his schedule and Delores bought that cup, with the word 'dad' emblazoned on it and that taunted him.

He had loved her for eight years, was sure that she loved him too as she always sent him secret signals, known only to them. He trusted her and now she was betraying him with the others, laughing at him just like his mother and he thought that she was different.
He checked his desk drawer to see if it was still there, and when he noticed that it was missing, he could no longer contain his rage and marched over to her desk.

Oh shoot, I dropped the cup


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