Chapter 2: Tell Me More

By: RightsGudt

I want to know. Don't we all grow by learning from the people around us? I'm nothing but a product of the people I meet and the situations in which I meet them. So the more I know about you, the more I can grow. The more perspectives I have, the greater my repertoire at any given moment.

I want to learn what makes you tick. Tell me about what you think about most before you fall asleep. Tell me what you think about first when you wake up. I want to know what dominates your mind. What's that song you can't shake lately? Are you a bit embarrassed to admit it?

Here's your chance. Only you can tell me what you're thinking. No one else but you. So what is it that's important to you? What have you always wanted to tell someone but it wasn't important enough? Tell me more.


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