Chapter 3: Oscillate

By: Trilipush

I see a glint of hesitation in your eyes. Well, then. Let me tell you some rare truths that will obliterate your inhibitions: Everything is an illusion. Now don’t look at me that way. Hear me out.

Look around. Take some time to ponder on why everything around you behaves the way they do, why migratory birds fly south during winter or why sunflowers always follow the sun. Don’t you see? We’re all just energy in varying degrees of speed and frequency. Nothing is substantial. Even that chair you’re sitting on is pure empty space. You and I are empty space. If you take the most powerful microscope and put the smallest sliver of your fingernail under it, you’ll understand that on a subatomic level it is nothing but pure energy and is intangible at best.

Now let all of that sink in for just a minute.

Do you see now why your reluctance to tell me your story silly at best? The mental limitations you impose on yourself are hampering the unlimited potential you’ve always possessed. Time for you to see the big picture.

We are all energy. Your thoughts, emotions, and feelings play a vital role in creating a positive change in yourself and in those around you. The soonest you realize this, the better for you, myself and everyone we both hold dear. It’s about time you allow yourself to oscillate.

I’m going to ask you again.

Tell me the story of your life. Tell me about that One Girl, tell me about losing at the championship game, tell me why your world turned upside down and how you made it right again. Tell me who you are.


Score: 2

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