Chapter 2: Grief is a powerful force

By: Claire.Totty1

Grief overwhelmed them and all they wanted was to feel close to Neil and they felt compelled to revisit the scene of the accident. To be honest, part of him wanted to be with Neil even if that meant confronting the demon and whatever else was out on the prowl. Mom knew, she had that sixth sense that belonged to moms. She stared at him bewildered, her face full of fear, " no no no" she said and grabbed his arms. But it was to late, his mind was made up, he could not go on without him and as he entered the woods he knew it was only a matter of time before he would be ravaged, torn apart by an angry demon or worse.

The stupidity of humans never ceased to amaze the demon, he had seen this so many times before, stood laughing over them when they threw themselves at the demons mercy. But they were no fun, willing pathetic victims. No thrill of the chase, no desperate pleadings and attempts to run. There was only one way to have fun with these and that was to taunt them by appearing as their loved one. Cunningly convincing them that somehow they had survived the Demons attack and fooling them into thinking they were able to rescue their loved one.


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