Chapter 5: Hostage

By: Wing

The white lights above me were so bright, I had to close my eyes again to relieve the pain. The metallic slab on which I lay was just about the most uncomfortable thing I'd ever been on. To make matters worse, I could sense that there were needles stuck in places that I didn't want them to be. Instinct told me to get them out of me as soon as possible, but my arms and legs were restrained. My head was throbbing, my neck was sore, and I had no idea where they had taken me. But the worst part was, I had no idea what happened to my soldiers. I had led them to the vault, which saved all of our lives, but for what? A life of servitude and imprisonment? That was not what we had fought so hard for.


Silence. If I was going to get out of this, now was the time. Very cautiously, I opened my eyes just enough to let some light in. It took time to adjust, but when my eyes stopped hurting, I opened them some more. After a grueling two minutes, I could assess the situation.

The space before me resembled a medical room. Everything was white and nothing was out of place. To my left, tubes that were coming from my arm fed into a machine which displayed symbols I didn't recognize. To my right, the tubes from my stomach ended in a refrigerator sized box. It even looked like liquid would sometimes flow from the box into my stomach. I couldn't be sure.

The restraints around my wrists and ankles were soft, but tight. I could move about an inch or so before whatever they were tied to stopped me from going any further. It seemed I could move the most by bending my arms and using the metal as a lever. But even so, I could only gain about an extra half inch. This would not be something I could overcome with strength.

It took 20 minutes, but I had formulated a plan. If I could adjust my positioning just right, I would be able to pull one of the tubes out of my stomach towards my wrist. This would hopefully catch a needle in my forearm on the way down. Using the needle, I could try to slowly cut my way out of the straps. It was pretty far fetched, but it was all I could come up with.

Contorting my body enough to grab the stomach tube proved to be the hardest part. But with a quick exhale and short, jerking motion, I was able to grab onto one of the stomach tubes. As I extended my wrist to withdraw it, the room started to spin and I felt nauseas. But I had to power through if I wanted to have any chance to getting out of here. When it was completely removed, I started
drawing it down further. Just as I had hoped, it caught on a needle in my forearm and with a quick tug, the needle popped out and landed next to my hand. I had only half expected this to work, but I suppose fortune favors the bold. As I was about to use the needle to start poking at my restraints, a voice came booming from behind me.

"Enough! Your strength is not anything we need to be worried about but your mind houses more intellect than we gave you credit for. We will use this information when you are assigned tasks. And you will perform the tasks we assign you."

How long had they been there? Had they been watching me the whole time?

"What if I don't?"

"If you don't, you will watch as your race ceases to exist."

What choice did I have?

"Then I will tell me soldiers that we shall do your bidding in exchange for food and shelter. We will be your slaves."

Slaves or not, we can still fight as long as we're alive.


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