Chapter 2: K-Pax here I come!

By: Claire.Totty1

Well, Edward roared with laughter, he had dealt with a lot of crazy conspiracies before, and this one was just the same, he thought. The line ' you will find the address on the internet' kinda gave it away. Still, there was something that struck him as a little odd. The name 'Ginsberg Wednesday' seemed to jump out at him from the screen and he could not fathom why. He read the email again and began tapping his fingers to an imaginary beat. He decided to call his friend, Dustin who he had forwarded the email too, to see what he thought. "sounds like some whacko nutjob to me" was all that he could say. Edward laughed, but still he had this nagging feeling that this was something that he shouldn't ignore. So he decided to play with the words, to figure out if there was some kinda hidden code, just to be sure. He started with the name Ginsberg and nothing much came of it. Then he tried Ginsberg Wednesday and ran it through an anagram solver that his colleague Ted had designed. The anagram was very sophisticated and soon came up with a list of names- then it hit him- the name stood out 'Wendy Bergsin'

He realized where he had seen that name before- he was just 15 in 1973 and his mom had a friend who was slightly whacky- or so his dad thought. She had become convinced that she had been captured by aliens and had lost track of time. dad said it was an excuse for disappearing for a few days with her boyfriend whilst her husband was out of town. But mom was sure that was baloney as she was ' a good Christian woman'

Eventually she had been taken away and placed in a long term mental health facility, where she died a few years later. But she always insisted that one day, 'the truth will out' and she died aged 43 years. so there was the next clue 1943, but is that just my mind deriving ridiculous conclusions? thought Edward. If any of this was true, why him? who was this person that sent him the email, and why? Maybe it had something to do with his mom, it was all starting to become confusing and Edward felt that he should take a break from all this

The words of his Grandfather, sprang to his mind- 'the only advice I will give you, is too never ignore your gut instinct' This was what he had always relied on as a cop and it never failed him he said. Right now Edward's gut instinct was on fire


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