Chapter 2: Tuesday Morning

By: Trilipush

I drove my car towards a small town llake where I used to spend the better part of my childhood in Rocky Ford, Colorado They were all there. Gus, Stanley, and Ed astride their respective bikes waiting for me. I stepped on the brakes. To my horror, the car didn’t stop. It just kept pushing towards the lake until I felt my car slowly sinking towards the bottom. My friends were suddenly nowhere to be found. My whole body sank under the water until my head alone remained above the surface. Suddenly, I heard my wife’s voice call me out.

“Wake up, slowpoke.”

I saw my wife on the other side of the lake looking down at me. I tried speaking to her but no words came out.

“Wake up!” she screamed at me as my head started to sink under the water.

Suddenly, I felt my whole world around me shift into something that felt strange and familiar at the same time. My wife’s face blurred for a bit and then swam back into my field of vision in a way that looked like it reconstructed itself into a new reality. O suddenly realized that I was in bed. My wife’s face hovered over me and said, “Finally. Back from the dead” She gave me an impish look, and said, “We’re going to the Garden Party, remember? Haul your ass out of bed and get yourself dressed.”

Well, somebody’s in a good mood today. I tried to sit up and felt a sudden rush of headache. He suddenly remembered having a few drinks with some of colleagues at a nearby bar. The Garden Party somehow slipped his mind.

“Oh, right. The Garden Party,” I mumbled.

I didn’t really feel like going the first time my wife invited me to come with her to - of all things - a garden party. I’d rather knock myself out with the wallbangers I have stashed in the back of my nightstand.I only said ‘yes’ because I felt that saying otherwise might strike up a death knell on my marriage. Sometimes, even the seemingly unimportant things can become a litmus test to a marriage if the timing is right. I do love my wife; we just grew steadily apart over the years is all. No single definitive reason behind it, really, or none that I can remember. It’s more like a small strain in the relationship that grew gradually over time , and before we knew it, we found ourselves considering divorce due to “irreconcilable differences.” Still, we decided to do another trial run.

After a quick run to the shower, I put on a pair of jeans and a gray striped chambray suit. I sat on the living room couch and waited for my
wife to come out of the bedroom. After 10 minutes, she still hasn’t come out. Annoyed, I stood up. As I was about to ask her what’s taking her so long, the door suddenly opened. The smell of her perfume wafted towards me as my wife came out of the bedroom.

I stared at her stunned, slackjawed.

She was wearing a white dress that I never saw before. It wasnt anything fancy, really. It was… pretty, which made all the difference. I looked at her face. It was the same face I’ve known for the past several years. But there’s something about her now that I found charming but couldn’t quite put a finger on. Her hair was tied up in a french braid. Her skin had a glow about it that made me think of spring and summer skies. I thought her then the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, just like that day I saw her walk down the aisle on our wedding night.

She gave me a shy smile with a hint of coquettishness to it, exactly like the one she always used to give me during our first months together. I wanted to kiss her and take her to bed right then, but she took my hand and gently pulled me towards our home’s front door entrance.

“Let’s go,” she said.


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