Chapter 2: The end of a dream

By: Claire.Totty1

Andrea looked at Zach and felt nothing, tired of the same old routine, which had once been exciting and wondered where it had all gone wrong. Back in the fall of 1992 they had been young college kids and lived for each moment, couldn't keep their hands off each other. Now they seemed to lead separate lives. only coming together at social gatherings to show some sense of normality.
Their friends had no idea of the inner turmoil that Andrea was now facing especially Mark and Candy who always expected them to attend their parties. Andrea dreaded them as they were nothing more than an excuse for mark to show off his latest ridiculous 'get rich quick' project. He had oodles of money, even if he gave away 100 bucks an hour he would still have too much.

But if they didn't attend, he would call them continuously on their cell and then send his driver to collect them. so they always went, Andrea pleaded with Zach to stand up to him, but he never listened. He never listened to her anymore, just sat there emotionless. He must be using again, had to be, his eyes were lifeless and his expression cold. This time he must have got caught up with something worse than barbiturates.

A whole weekend would go by and he never slept, constantly rushing around talking fast and his energy was exhausting to watch. His eyes were wide then, now they were unable to focus.

Andrea was desperate to reach him, so she told him about Mark's party and nothing, he just sat there, not even looking at her so she went back to her plate of noodles, as a lonely tear slid down her face


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