Chapter 1: The Crumble

By: Wingman

It all started when Alpha base had gotten a distress signal from Whiskey company in the north-eastern hemisphere. Whiskey company had been investigating some of the smaller bases disappearing out of nowhere. What looked like a large oval-like ship had landed in the middle of a desert creating a huge dust cloud immediately catching their attention. After receiving the distress signal we radioed in to check on the situation.
“Alpha base, what's your status?”
“This enemy is too strong! We're throwing everything at them and losing fast, they're advancing toward main HQ. We need backup no..........”
The Headquarters was located at the center of the world and it's main purpose was to watch over the other bases protecting the earth and take action if necessary. We had tried to link up with Alpha base once again after the initial contact but failed to find any communication. Later we had found out that Alpha base had fallen to this mysterious foe. Then the same thing happened with Romeo base on the other side of the world in the south-western hemisphere. Later followed by Mike base, and Yankee base. The four main bases at every corner of the world sent a distress signal, and every signal carried pretty much the same message,
“The enemy is too strong, they're advancing to the world base.”
Once we had gotten the last distress signal and were informed of the huge oncoming assault heading our way, we readied ourselves for battle as fast as we could.
“Everyone make sure your post is ready! We have no idea what's coming our way but we will defend this base with our lives!”
We were confident in the world headquarters' defense system, with its wall made of three layers of reinforced steel surrounding the base, and 50 caliber turrets at the top of the base walls themselves. Not to mention the thousands of soldiers ready to lay down their lives to protect it standing in the courtyard. With all the important technology within the main base, there was only one entrance to the base so the enemy could funnel in giving us a home field advantage. Protecting the main part of the base was absolutely crucial. Although after having the other bases crushed seemingly without a challenge, we had to prepare for the worst. After everything was set up and ready to go, it was just a waiting game.
As we waited by those gates we had no idea what would be coming through the other side. It was dead silent as we sat there in anticipation. Then all of a sudden everything
happened at once... Part of the steel gates came crashing down creating a huge gap for the enemy to enter through. All at once these giant dark colored lizard-like creatures appeared through the dust. Rough scales up and down their bodies with sharp claws at the end of their hands and feet. They had long snouts with intimidating fangs for teeth ready to tear apart anything. Their armor was a variety of chrome colors covering their chests, heads, forearms, and shins. It was like facing an armored dragon on two feet. Towering over our men at around 7 feet tall they slowly marched forward.
“FIRE!” cried the commanders.
Immediately bullets started to fly, whether it was the manned turrets up top, or the foot soldiers down below. The Unknown foes had just walked right into our base without any kind of strategy. It was almost like they didn't know that we were waiting for them. Or rather... they didn't care. There weren't any visual casualties on the enemies side despite the constant fire they were taking, then all at once the enemy stopped, motionless. We'd cease fire to observe they're next move. One of them stepped forward.
“GWAAAAAAHHH” It let out a screeching yell to what seemed to command the others to attack. Finally all at once these “black lizards” pulled out what looked like black stone swords from sheaths upon their backs, then they began too charge. We resumed fire to suppress the incoming assault only to no avail. The bullets we were using seemed to bounce off the foes armor as if we were attacking them with pea shooters. Then the slaughter started. One by one my men were dying all around me, my friends, my comrades, not one of them was safe.
In all the confusion I had lost focus and was confronted by one of the invaders. As I fired upon him with my rifle he ran at me completely unaffected. I was stunned as he chopped my gun in half and pinned me to the ground with his free hand wielding his sword in the other. Despite my desperate struggling my opponent found no challenge in pinning me with one arm. I'll never forget those hollow red eyes as what I thought would be the last thing I'd ever see. It let out a loud hiss that sent chills down my spine, but I had no time to worry about that as I was going to die any second if I didn't do anything. Finally I remembered the survival knife I kept at my hip. It didn't look very promising seeing as bullets had little to no affect on this creature but I was all out of options. I removed the
knife from it's sheath and thrust it into the creatures chest. To my surprise it had pierced through with almost ease, or at least equivalent to as if it was a normal human chest.
With the knife in it's torso the beast had removed it's hand from my body and began to stumble backwards. Finally it had fallen down with it's eyes turning from red to black almost like a machine powering down. It was then that I knew the monster was dead. I removed the knife from it's lifeless body,wiped off the blood, and sheathed it. From there I knew what I had to do, I had to tell everyone about the weakness of our invaders armor. I had seen some other soldiers had found out the same information as me through one on one battles of their own. With most of the other commanders dead I took lead of what was left of our men and shouted amongst them over the battlefield them what to do.
“Bullets cannot pierce this enemies armor, but knives and other blades can. Use any kind of blade you have. It's our only hope!”
With this new information our men were finally able to retaliate, the enemy had a clear advantage when it came to terms of size, but we as humans had an advantage in terms of speed. Being that we were smaller, we could run circles around the enemy and go for a weak spot. After a little while the tide started to turn in our favor, and it looked like we could possibly win. Being it that we had superior numbers and our foe had only stone-like cleavers for weapons we could out maneuver them and eventually win the battle. Our men were starting to gain momentum and confidence, but then all of our hopes were crushed at once. At the height of all the fighting there was another big crash from the rear wall. Everyone stopped to see what had happened. Then through the dust, entered another company of these monstrosities charging our men surrounding them. Any hopes we had of winning were immediately crushed in an instant. More and more men kept dying and it was then that we realized we could only flea. Every soldier kept with them at all times a very bright flare to use as a beacon in search and rescue situations but, I had a different idea.
“Everyone shoot your beacon flares in the air and keep your heads down!” I shouted amongst the confusion. Everyone did so as I commanded and shot their flares. Then as I predicted, the flares distracted the enemy and eventually as they went off it blinded them as well. Once we had blinded our adversaries, it was our only chance of
“Everyone, inside the base! Run to Houdini's path!”
From there we started to enter the base and proceeded to put it under lock down. At that point in time we were just trying to stall our enemy. We all ran to Houdini's path, a secret passage way that lead underground to a secluded area in case we ever had to evacuate headquarters. As we burrowed our way underground, we could hear our enemy bust through our last lines of defense. Continuing running through Houdini's path, men were panting, sweating, crying. For everything as we knew it would change drastically, and I, the supreme commander of Geo-Kuros, had failed to protect the earth.



Really like this. Where'd the name Geo-Kuros come from?




Did black lizard cut your gun with a sword or his hand?



With his sword

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