Chapter 3: Vanessa: Time off

By: Anehalia

Dinner was uneventful to say the least. Mom and Dad yammering on about work and bills and stocks. I excused myself as soon as I finished eating to go back to my sanctuary.

I stood in front of my mirror and stared, wandering if there truly was something deep inside that was me. I stared at my eyes, and then shifted their color to a pale frosty blue color. And everything was different. It felt like I disappeared when I shifted my eyes like that. It was... creepy. Disturbing. Weird.

I ran my fingers over the mirror image that faithfully reported my shifts. Mirrors were supposed to show exactly what you looked like, but they couldn't show what was inside. They never saw past the surface like most people in our world.

Was there already a song out there about mirrors? I hadn't heard any...

Mirror Mirror by the wall

Now I needed to rhyme with wall, and have a catchy phrase that sounded good being sung. Hmm. Wall, fall, all, tall,mall, kall... not a word. Ball. dall... not a word. I think I like tall..

Make me ever so tall

Shifting my glamorous fate.

Yes. shifting and glamorous were key words every song needed to be good. I needed something to go with fate....

I wandered over to my bed and sat down I worked best sitting and thinking on my bed. Fate. Mate, late, bait, Cate. No, don't think of that backstabbing little.... hate.

Take away my self hate.

Oh it was perfect so far. It would speak to all those girls who hated their solid shape. Yes, that would be the refrain. Now I needed verses. Hmmm. I needed to write this part down now, before I forgot it.

I pulled out my computer from under my bed and quickly typed it into note works. Now my new words were save forever...

Before I even really think about it, I click the shiftingpages website to see what my friends are up to. Kala is into the Johanassen look right now, and heather is rocking the surfer girl look developed by the stylists.

Only Cate wasn't on here. Only Cate refused to shift. Tomorrow was a day off for me. Should I report on here what I would look like tomorrow? Nah. I enjoyed being anonymous too much.

My eyelids felt heavy, so I put away the laptop, and let myself fall asleep.

The next morning I got up quickly. I loved getting to go out on my days off. Though I needed the money, I couldn't stand to work all the time. I had to take breaks sometimes.

I shifted may hair to be perfect glossy wavy blond locks that looked almost like honey pouring out of a jar. I shifted to the icey
blue eyes. Pale eyes often made people uncomfortable. I accentuated my cheek bones and narrowed my jaw. My eyebrows thinned and my skin became perfect.Now time fore the body. I narrowed my waist and made the rest of my curves larger, just as my mom taught me to do as a child. Simple jeans and a frilly shirt white shirt, and I look perfect for a day outside. Maybe I could find a better paying job now.

"Be careful, honey." My mom called as I walked out the door.

"Of course mom! Just going job hunting. Figured its time for me to find a higher paying job." Not really, but it would make mom happy. I closed the door shut before she could reply. Now where to.... Maybe a walk in the park first.


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