Chapter 1: Skin as White as Snow

By: CleverUsername

Snow sat on her throne, twirling her jet black hair between her fingers. Ferdinand was talking to a noble about...something. This queen stuff was not as good as one might think. A lot of sitting around, actually.
Snow jumped from her trance. "Yes?"
She looked at her husband. He was the most handsome prince in all the land. His hair a soft, chocolate brown and his eyes a beautiful sky blue... But that's as far as his attraction went. What people didn't see was Ferdinand's supreme assholery. And douchiness. And pretentiousness.
"My queen," said Ferdinand, "Do you agree?"
"Um..." she hesitated for only a moment. "Yes, I agree."
She could have just sold her firstborn child and she'd never know... She should've paid attention.
The noble left and a peasant stepped forward. A handsome peasant with dark hair and light eyes. He introduced himself as Oliver.
Snow looked at him closely. There was a familiarity to him. His voice, the way his words rolled of his tongue without a care in the world...
"Huntsman?" she asked suddenly.
He bowed. "M'lady."
Snow had not seen this man since she was sixteen years old. He was her first love, the man who had shown her pity when her stepmother had tried to kill her. He had visited her often when she was in the woods. His visits had stopped suddenly one day, though. He had been captured, she thought.
But here he was, standing before her. He looked different, his hair shorter, completely clean-shaven.
Ferdinand looked at Oliver quickly. "What do you want?"
"I come to tell you of armies that are gathering outside of my farm. The queens armies."
That really sent everyone off. The knights and nobles rustled and chattered about war tactics and money. The king sat back on his throne and simply closed his eyes, thinking.
The queen merely looked at the peasant before her, remembering the wonderful nights spent together in the forest and wishing she'd never married this king.


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