Chapter 3: Time for a Decision

By: Snowflake

The former queen is after the throne, so she could just as well let Ferdinand and his mother fight for it and not get involved. No, that wouldn't be right. That good for nothing can't even handle it. But what kind of solution can she come up with? After all, it wasn't long ago that she was completely fooled into eating a poisoned apple...
If it were the old naive me, then I would have gone and tried to convince the armies to abandon that old witch Bethesda. Ha, like that would work! It's not like I'm the protagonist in a novel.
Maybe I should just not care after all. Hmm...
As her thought process was heading in a rather strange direction, Ferdinand got up and seemed to have a enlightened expression, while his eyes glowed in a strange way.
Don't tell me he's thinking of abandonment as well...

"Snow, don't you think it would be a great idea for you to head over and convince them to stop the attack? I mean, after all, nobody could refuse a pretty face such as yours!" so he said in a hushed voice.

"Yeah, sure!" Idiot.

"Perfect!" he said excitedly.

I was sarcastic dammit!
I guess I have no choice. I'm so fed up with this place anyway.

"M'lady, permit me to guide you there!" Oliver said nonchalantly.

This might turn out better than I have thought. Ah, I must have been blind to marry this douche.

Anyway, it is decided!

I'm running away!

Or so I thought...


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