Chapter 1: So this is how I'm going to die...

By: Snowflake

The lack of sufficient oxygen made it hard to concentrate. Feeling as if floating into nothingness made her shrink into the insignificance of her so called existence. In the end, she couldn't even save herself. The space suit had already started to break down.

How am I supposed to get home? Velvaria was right into my reach!

She extended her hand as if grabbing the blue planet covered with wide patches of lush green.

Am I really never to see the thriving of my people, finally reaching or promised land?

The wreckage of the starship which failed to descend was slowly drifting away, or maybe she was the one who got further apart. At least most of the escape pods safely reached their destination.

Dammed akrons! Those insufferable beings!

If it weren't for those strange lifeforms harassing them for the remainder of the journey, none of this would be happening. On their way towards Velvaria, they send a team on Akros 7 to see if life there could be sustainable. Unfortunately, not only was it impossible to sustain even the most basic of life, crew members even started dying misteriously.

When they returned, nothing seemed wrong, but as we were approaching our goal, malfunctions started to appear.

As a law enforcer, she had to keep the masses calm, but even she herself was out of it.

Now that she thinks back at her life, she wished she could have touched the land at least once, and to breath in fresh air before she gave her last breath. The feeling of being stuck in between four walls at all times gave the same experience as living in a can. She even promised her father she would keep living enough for both of them. What was even the point in leaving him behind?

Was it worth it?

Her breathing hastened, trying to reach her need for oxygen. Her long black hair was stuck to her neck and her sharp green eyes took a last glance at the planet, before closing her eyelids.

Am I really going to die?


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